Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'm back!

I'm finally able to post again, phew! The turnover to the new blogger (which I can't do because Oscar set this up) left me out cold for a while. No idea why... Anyways, it works again. =)

I've been accepted to the International Scarf Exchange Round 4 - yay! And I have lovely people as pals. The person I am knitting for sounds like a very interesting and fun person - and she has done some beautiful knitting!!! She sounds like she is very busy and I'll try to brighten a day for her when she will get my package. I hope she will like the pattern and yarn I picked out for her, an airy lace scarf in Kidsilk Haze (mohair and silk blend) - added benefit (and challenge for me): Seed beads knitted into the ends!
I'm looking forward to starting this after Oscar leaves tomorrow morning on his Balkan trip with the G-man.
The person knitting for me seems really nice as well.This is her third International scarf exchange already and she seems to like it better every time! Sounds really promising for me doesn't it?

Anyways, ISE4 and the KnittingHelp Forum have really impressed me. The exposure to other people's work is great! It's so cool to see what other people are working on and what yarn they choose. It seems like I'm hesitant to buy the really nice yarn for larger projects because I'm scared I will ruin it, or not be able to do the project. E.g. I'm still intimidated by socks and entrelac, and large truely lacey shawls - and sweaters!!! It's great to see others do those things though. I'm working up the courage to try some socks next, not a huge yarn purchase necessary and there's a great online tutorial by one of the KnittingHelp folk.

I have some finished objects, but I still have to take pictures, so they're for next time...