Wednesday, April 25, 2007

ISE scarf progress

Wow, it's been a long time...

I promised pictures of the ISE scarf and had our lovely neighbor L. come over to take some with her camera a while ago already... Luckily she is very talented with the instrument and we had great light to work with, so here are some pics.

This is the "full" shot of the scarf as it was then. It looks more like a swatch than the real thing except for the beads at the end. By now the scarf is more than three times longer, meaning it is half-way done. Hopefully I will be this far on the second half in no time.

I'm very happy with how it is starting to come out! Oh the fuzzy goodness of mohair! Yum... And the pretty simple pattern is perfect for this, even the edges seem pretty even...

I like the beads at the end. I decided on different sizes and different colors (size 6 silver lined amethyst and size 8 metalic violet aurora borealis) mixed together in a pseudo-random way. That was Oscar's suggestion when I couldn't decide for one or the other after my test swatch. Good call!
I also made the lower border two rows longer to fit some more beads on.

Obviously the lace pattern will show better after blocking. But the against-the-light shot gives a glimpse, and it also shows how light and airy this scarf really will be.

I really hope my pal will like it.

So many people at ISE4 are already done with their scarves and a couple have even been received already! I feel a little slow, but I officially still have 6 weeks. All scarves have to be in the mail by June 7 to be received by US Independence Day.

As an aside, and you can see my very first attempt at making my own stitch markers in this project. A long while ago I was gifted a box of beading materials by a friend who stumbled upon them in the storage area of the condo he had just bought. They sat admired but neglected for a long time in our apartment - until the stitch marker bug stung me. I spend the first week that Oscar was gone experimenting with what was in the box, these markers were the first ones that came out: Then I went out and spent way too much money at the local bead store and have made many more fancy markers since then. And some wine charms. And some earrings. And... Maybe some nice pictures for a future post?

Back to stringing beads for the second half of the scarf...



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Blogger wendy said...

The scar is beautiful, I love the yarn and the lacey pattern and the beading works really well.

2:47 AM  

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