Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Knitters are wonderful people

A while ago the online knitting bug stung me and started an addiction... I signed up not only for the International Scarf Exchange 4, but also for contributing to some Oddball Charity Blankets that Shandeh from the Knitting Help Forum started. She came up with the idea to start a blanket for the first couple of inches, then send it on to others who would each add another three inches, creating an oddball blanket that is to be donated to charity. The idea caught on in a big way and there are actually four blankets being added to around the country by now, we even have a blanket tracker now! I am signed up for blankets #2 and #4.

I am the third knitter on blanket #2 and last Thursday it was hand-delivered to me by the previous knitter, Dangles, from Canada. She was on a weekend trip with her family and passing through Seattle. Yippee!
It was wonderful to put a face to another KH knitter and to see who else was contributing to this blanket. What a great project that brings knitters together for a good cause!
Thanks Shandeh!

I had great fun meeting Dangles, her very patient husband and their two adorable kids. Their daughter is almost three and very outgoing and friendly and their son (9 months) is cute as can be and he was very flirty with me. We met up for some yarn shopping at the Weaving Works' Mothers' Day Sale and then had dinner together. It was a great experience! Hopefully I can meet them again sometime, they only live a couple of hours away!

Plus, I got to take home more than just the blanket!
Dangles included some great goodies for me: a beautiful and very sweet card (can you see all the details? The cake stand has silver wire, the cupcake forms are pleated paper, and the vase and flower are so pretty!), some Earl Grey tea (love it!) to have while I knit my portion of the blanket, a locally made and very pretty stitchmarker from Steveson, BC , and --- Sock Yarn!!! It is Lana Grossa's Meilenweit in Bosco (so soft and such great colors, I want to bathe in this!). She knew that socks are next on my list to try out with Silver's Tutorial, so this is perfect! And the colors are so yummy, she interperted my favorites exactly! I will have to save this yarn for the second pair, though, so that I'm sure I won't screw up.
Thank you Dangles!



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